aMazing Bone Flute Hop 3D Game

Featuring "Bone Flute Hop" a musical 3D labyrinth game. 

Play Bone Flute Hop 3D Game and Win Your 3D Freebie!

Help Foggy find his way and win the link to this months exclusive Freebie 3D Prop Model. ​Play it now either web, tablet or PC: 

Web Browser Versions:
aMazing Bone Flute Hop WebGL 
using latest Chrome, FireFox, IE 11
aMazing Bone Flute Hop - Flash 
with Adobe Flash 11 plugin

Tablet & Phones:
APP for Android 2.2+   

Windows PC Application  PC EXE .zip 
Apple OS Application  APP .tar

Bone Flutes are among the worlds oldest crafted instruments.
This model depected has been scaled up to be suitable for the "Bone Flute Hop" game character, Foggy Squatch. He a variant of Raw Art's Sasquatch 3D figure available at DAZ3D. To optimize for performance in the game, we reduced his 3d esolution, however he is seen in higher detail with flash animation rendered using DAZ Studio Pro. 
If you are not up for playing the Bone Fluute Hop 3D Labyrinth game, you can obtain the download on the 3D Bone Flute model's description page.
* To obtain prize download link, when playing web GL version of game. look for browser Pop-Up Link alert at end of game.Or click here.

Be Sure to Play  "aMazing Bone Flute Hop" 3D Game using the WebGL Browser Version Now and WIN YOUR 3D FREEBIE*

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